Posted on: August 10, 2009 1:02 am

Is Patrick Kane guilty?

For those of you have been following the threads created in regards to the story, you'll know my opinion already.  However, there seem to be so many people that are arguing that the cab driver may just be in it for the money.  So many in fact, that I felt inclined to dedicate a blog entry to what we currently know about this case.

Fact 1: The cab driver did not call the police.  A resident of a Canisius University dorm heard honking and banging from outside, saw the commotion going on in the cab and phoned police.

Fact 2: The officer that responded to the scene noticed cuts on the driver's face, and his glasses were broken.

Fact 3: According to an interview with the cab driver, when he was unable to produce exact change for the two Kane cousins, the following exchange occurred: Kane "Don't you know who I am?"  Driver "I don't give an 'eff' who you are, just pay."  That was, according to the driver, a catalyst for the assault.
  (there's a link to the interview with the driver)

Fact 4: The cab driver claimed one of the Kane's tore the money back out of his hand, taking their own fare, plus the approximately 100 dollars he had from counting out change.  James Kane was found with a 5 dollar bill, torn in half, in his pocket at the time of his arrest.

Alright...we act under an innocent until proven guilty system.  Both of the Kanes pled 'not guilty'.  Therefore, I'm not here to tell you if they are or aren't, and I'm not going to attempt to convince you they're guilty, if you don't believe that to be the case.  However, let's stop with the argument that the cab driver saw the NHL star and figured he'd try to get a few dollars out of him.  Most hockey fans outside of Chicago wouldn't even recognize him if they ran into him in the streets.  There's really no reason to disbelieve the statement that he didn't know that Kane was a professional athlete.  Besides that, the cab driver didn't call the police.  A WITNESS, likely a college student, as he was residing in a dorm, heard a commotion, looked and saw an altercation, and phoned police. 

I mean, come's not like this is a case that allegedly took place over a year ago Wink
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